Crossover 2018-19

“We know that we have crossed over from death to life because we love our fellow Christians. ” – 1 John 3:14
Who do you say God is?
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Sept. 12 – Crossover resumes for the 2018-19 season. Join us at 6 p.m. to kick things off for the year.

Time, well spent

You don’t have to be Doctor Who to know that time is precious. We have to spend it wisely. Consider this next sentence and fill in the blank with whatever word fits your life right now.
There is nothing more effective or more productive than time spent with [blank].

That blank can be filled in by such words as:
. . . and so on.

The Adversary loves it when we get soooo busy, we lose time for other things.

Bible study, for instance. We often find ourselves “rushed” in the morning, busy in the afternoon and “exhausted” at night. Our Bible-reading and prayer time are often the casualties in our struggle with time.
And the Adversary quietly chuckles to himself.

If we want to improve in anything, we have to be willing to spend time with it.

You can’t learn a foreign language by taking shortcuts, hoping hand gestures or yelling louder can get you by. You have to immerse yourself in the language, the culture.

But, often we find ourselves taking the shortcuts when it comes to knowing God’s word. We try memory tricks or special reading plans in hopes of getting the job done. Yet nothing can teach you as to exactly what the Bible says, as spending hour upon hour reading it.

My wife and I first met when we were teens. As we began dating, we started spending more time together, or talking on the phone. Over the hours of talking, we got to know each other. We were learning about the things that were deeper than skin and physical attractiveness.

Imagine a dating relationship where the couple treated each other the way we treat God’s Word. Phone conversations would last only a few minutes. Time face-to-face would be self-focused, with little or know inquiry about the other person. The couple would claim to know each other and be in a relationship, but if queried about the other’s viewpoints or moral compass, the couple could give few answers.

No, time is the key. We must shun the gimmicks of this world and make that quality time with God and His Word.

Minutes translate into maturity – the kind that the author of Hebrews talks about in Hebrews 5:12-13.

As we develop that maturity, we start to learn what choice God wants us to make. Since we know His priorities, we are able to make right choices that bring glory to Him.

Our battle cry for 2016-17 should be “maturity, not milk”. Let’s guard our time and choose to give it God. It’s the only way we will grow closer to Him.